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Lena Karpinsky's Miracles of Imagination

Welcome to ART by LENA — the official website of Canadian artist Lena Karpinsky.

Lena Karpinsky was born in Moscow, Russia and now lives in Toronto, Ontario. Lena works primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas with music paintings, landscapes and flowers her main focus. Lena's strong sense of color is evident in all her artworks and especially in modern abstract paintings.

With artworks in collections in Canada, USA, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, South America, Africa and Australia she is a contemporary Canadian artist with international renown.

Lena works from her home studio and sells most of her artworks online. You can buy acrylic and oil paintings direct from the artist on www.ARTbyLENA.com

Art For Sale By The Artist: Buy direct from Lena's Studio

  • Bouquets painting "The Pink Morning"

    The Pink Morning

    Theme: Flower Paintings
    Subject: Bouquets
    Series: Morning Joy Bouquet
    Orig. size: 24x48
  • Cityscape painting "Soirée Paris"

    Soirée Paris

    Theme: Cityscape Art
    Subject: Cityscape
    Series: Autumn In Paris
    Orig. size: 24x36
  • Nonobjective painting "Avant-Garde Etude 7"

    Avant-Garde Etude 7

    Theme: Abstract Art
    Subject: Nonobjective
    Series: Avant Garde
    Orig. size: 24x48
  • Cityscape painting "Rainy Boulevard"

    Rainy Boulevard

    Theme: Landscape Art
    Subject: Cityscape
    Series: Autumn In Paris
    Orig. size: 24x36
  • Garden painting "Welcome To My World"

    Welcome To My World

    Theme: Flower Paintings
    Subject: Garden
    Series: Flower Burst
    Orig. size: 36x72 (triptych)
  • Figures painting "Sweet Awakening"

    Sweet Awakening

    Theme: Figurative Art
    Subject: Figures
    Series: Hommage A Matisse
    Orig. size: 24x48
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